limited edition

Dr. Fuchs says "No Hot Night Out is complete without an Adventurer’s Survival Supplies Pack! You’ll never catch me without one!”

The Adventure Survival Supplies Pack is crammed chock full of useful implements and MORE ADVENTURES.



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Oscar's Hot Night Out

Psst. Hey, have you ever heard of The Hot Refund? Know about The Second Floor Dinosaur?  Have you tried Smuggling the Slide Whistle lately?



Well, lucky you... you're invited to Oscar's Hot Night Out! There will be plenty of scandalous adventures to be had. Most experiences don’t even have a  name yet and are just begging for you and a few friends to give it to them. A name, that is.  If you can name the most, and satisfy Oscar’s craving for adventure, you win!

A game about imaginative diversions of a decidedly adult nature.